Publicizing PTA Events

This guide provides some informations about how to publicize PTA events and activities. There is a lot going on! There are several ways to communicate with the community.


You can broadcast a note about your event or activity by posting on the Bagley Family Listserve. Simply compose an email with your message in the Body of the email. Put your event in the Subject box. In the Recipient box, type daniel­bagley­ Double check your dates and info, and then send it off. NOTE: The email address that you are sending from must be registered with the V-list. For example, if you are sending from a work email but you only have your personal email registered with the V-list, it won’t post. You will know if your email is registered on the V-list if you get messages from the V-list in that inbox.

Reader Board

The reader board is updated weekly, and sometimes several times during the week. If your event appears on the PTA calendar, it will automatically be put up because that is the place the Reader Board Volunteer pulls information from. If you have a general announcement about your activity, email Sunny Giron, who is doing a brilliant job managing the board this year, and give her the information you would like displayed. I am sure she would appreciate at least a week’s notice in advance of when you would like it to appear.

The Buzz

The Buzz is a great way to communicate and it will take some advance planning on your part to take advantage of it. Placing an article in the Buzz in the 2-­3 weeks leading up to your event is a good idea.  You can also place a follow up article on your event after it happens.  In some cases, you may want to post a “Save the Date” notice far in advance.  The Buzz takes some effort to produce each week and has a tight production schedule.  To help out:

  1. Please send your articles in early.
  2. Double check your spelling, dates and info.
  3. Send one version of your article.  If you find an error after you have submitted it, send a corrected version.

This is the production schedule:

  • Friday: 13 days before the Buzz comes out, you will receive an email asking for submissions. You have one week to turn them in. If you have graphics, please send them along. Send submissions to
  • Monday: 10 days before the Buzz comes out, you will receive a reminder email.
  • Thursday: 7 days before the Buzz comes out, all articles are due.
  • The Buzz editor will use the next several days to put the newsletter together.
  • Next, proofreaders will edit, the editor will incorporate those edits, layout will be finalized and the PDF will be sent to clip n’ chat for copying or Allegra for printing. The Buzz goes into Kid Mail on Thursdays as well as being posted to the V-list that day.

Our hardworking Editor, Patti Aro, will do her best to include last minute articles that come in after the deadline but this often requires quite a bit of rework. A little planning ahead is much appreciated.

PTA Website

This is a great place to get the word out about your events and activities. Articles that you submit to the Buzz can also be posted on the website. Please email your submissions to our webmaster, Keith Palmer. Sending text in the body of an email is fine. If your event has forms, they can post them as well.

Publicizing PTA Events
Publicizing PTA Events

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