It is time to vote on next year’s PTA budget and Board candidates. Please stop by the table in the school entrance. Voting will be available May 13-29, including during Art Walk.

Laural Miller-Klein
Candidate for Co-President

Laural is the mother of Alexa in Ms. Humphrey’s class and Camden in Ms. Richards’ class.

Volunteer Activities: Most recently, Laural has served as the 2014-2015 PTA President. Before this, she coordinated the “Let’s Move” laps on the track program and counted laps before taking on the leadership of the program. She has volunteered in her children’s classrooms, led Kindergarten tours, and volunteered for Clip N Chat andHarvest Hootenany preparations.

In her professional life she teaches private voice lessons, and has taught all levels of classroom vocal music. She can be seen leading a hoard of Girl Scout Brownies out of the school once a month.

Melanie Burch
Candidate for Co-President

Melanie is the mother of 2 current Bagley boys (Gus in 4th and Mathias in Kindergarten) and a Bagley alum (Finley in 8th).

Volunteer Activities: She has been involved at Bagley for 9 years, volunteering with Clip and Chat for many years, and serving as the current Coordinator.  She brought Family Movie Night to Bagley oh-so-many years ago when she was the Family Fun Night Coordinator.  Melanie also co-chaired the Harvest Howl (when it was still called the Harvest Howl.)  She has volunteered at 8 Jogathons and has been known to teach music in various years in Ms. Toner’s, Ms. Green’s, Ms. Richard’s, and Ms. Stackhouse’s classes.

In her copious free time Melanie teaches at Monkey Business Preschool, sews, knits, reads and tries not to lose her mind.

Christine Davis
Candidate for Vice-President

Christine has 2 Bagley bees. Matthew is in 5th grade and Jonathan is in 2nd grade.

Volunteer Activities: Christine has been active with the PTA since Matthew started kindergarten in 2009.  The first year she volunteered for many smaller jobs, helping out when she could.   She was a co-chair for clip-n-chat the following year. The next 2 years she was co-chair for both the Jogathon and Art walk. Last year she took on the role as vice president of the PTA. In her spare time, she works as a RN at the UWMC.

Karl Law
Candidate for Treasurer

Karl has two kids currently attending Daniel Bagley.  Lucy is a 5th-grader in P7 with Ms. Outhouse, and Peter is a 3rd-grader in room 218 with Ms. Scordas.

Volunteer activities:  Karl is knee-deep in his first year as PTA Co-Treasurer and wants to come back for Round 2.  He also currently volunteers in the Bagley library shelving the numerous books read by the bees.

Karl works full time from his home for a small IT consulting company based out of Aurora, Colorado, doing database design work.

Brook L. Stout
Candidate for Treasurer

Brook has two kids, Kaelan and Cameron Stout.  Kaelan is a 5th grader in Ms. Manley’s class and Cameron is in 1st grade with Ms. Sams.

Volunteer Activities:  For the last 3 years Brook and her husband have chaired the holiday Evergreen Sales fundraiser.  She is also a member of the Budget Committee for the PTA.

Brook works full time as a CPA at a local public accounting firm.

Rachel Haynes
Candidate for Secretary

Rachel has one child at DBE, Owen, going into the third grade in the Montessori program.

Volunteer activities: Rachel has served as Yearbook coordinator for the last 3 years, as clip n chat coordinator for one year, and as the board secretary for one year. She has also assisted in smaller rolls associated with Let’s Move, classroom liaisons, classroom teachers, Jogathon, Art Walk, and Harvest Hootenanny.

Away from DBE, Rachel works as a Freelance Photographer, digital artist, graphic designer and web designer. She looks forward to continuing her education in the area of Documentary Photography and Photojournalism.

Regina Thornton
Candidate for Member-at-large/Membership Coordinator

Regina has two children at Bagley, both in the Montessori program.  Alden is in third grade and Simon is in kindergarten.

Volunteer Activities:  Regina has previously been the classroom liaison for rooms 101 and 220. This year she is delighted to spend Tuesday mornings playing math games with the students of room 101. She has occasionally been found behind the scenes organizing picnics, dropping off edible delights, chaperoning field trips, clipping and chatting or counting laps.