Get Involved

Our parents donate their money, time and talent so that every student can share the benefits of our supportive community.  Join us in 100% participation this school year.


Our fundraising goal for 2018-19 is $104,250.  This is roughly a donation of $252 per student

For the full 2018-19 Fundraising Calendar, here.

There are 2 main ways to reach our goal:


This is Bagley’s annual fun run at Lower Woodland Park and the first of the PTA’s largest fundraisers towards the end of September. Students collect pledges for running laps. The pledge sheets will be distributed through Kid Mail in early September. This is a great opportunity to ask family, friends and neighbors to pledge their support to your child and our school.


This direct giving campaign enables you to make a fully tax-deductible donation from the comfort of your own home. The direct appeal is the most important of the PTA’s fundraising efforts. More details will be provided in the spring.  Give directly via check and through PayPal.


Understandably, not everyone is able to make a financial contribution. Our school and PTA can always use your time and talent. There are many opportunities for all of us to volunteer, whether it is in the classroom, on the playground, or helping organize fundraising activities.  We will post upcoming volunteer needs throughout the year using the Buzz Newsletter and the “Daniel Bagley Elementary School Parents” Facebook private group. Click here for current volunteer opportunities.


Not all volunteer needs are during the school day.  There are other ways to lend your talent to our school.  We are always looking for additional resources or connections – from graphic designers, printing services, photographers, videographers, project managers for events.  And of course you can join the PTA Board!